Be Prepared. Be Capable.

You Order

Choose your prep packs or individual preps online. Our menu changes weekly so you never have to worry about that dreaded meal boredom

We Prep & Deliver

Our chefs prepare your healthy meals fresh — they’re never frozen. We deliver them straight to your doorstep.

You Enjoy

Your meals arrive packaged and ready to eat. Just heat them up, grab a fork and thank us later for the mouth-gasm.

We believe, if you are as prepared as possible, then you have the supreme capabilities necessary to deal with life; and the bullshit it throws at you... starting with food.

That’s right, we said it. Food is bullshit. At least what they put in it and on the shelves at our local grocery stores is. What even is “castoreum”? We didn’t know either. According to Google, it is “beaver secretion.” Yes. Literally, beaver butt juice is found in some candies to apparently enhance the flavor. Vomit. We here at PREPable can think of quite a few things we would prefer as flavor enhancers.

We know you probably don’t have the time to walk up and down the aisles trying to make sense of the ingredient lists on every single product, so we’re here to make it easy.

PREPable delivers freshly prepared Whole30 compliant meals straight to your door. That means no preservatives… ever. No gluten. No Dairy. No refined sugar. No legumes. No grains. We have you covered.

These meals are designed to prove that choosing a clean and healthy lifestyle is not only sustainable, but enjoyable AF.

Each individual prep is under 500 calories and contains a balance of protein, carbs, healthy fats and super foods. The menu changes every week to ensure that you never get bored of your food. There will be no typical “chicken, broccoli and brown rice” meals here. Mind blown. PREPable puts a healthy spin on all of your tried and true favorites.

Don’t try to tell me hungry is not an emotion because I feel that shit in my soul.